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The banking application (Bank-Client Link) that we offer to our clients inside of Russia is a modern and secure channel for remote banking. It is a compact software package, installed on client’s computer by the bank’s specialists and it uses the common Internet connection for data transmission.

We also offer a online banking system with same functionality as Bank-Client Link. A Web-based system that enables companies to conduct routine banking transactions, use cash management facilities, execute trades in the financial markets, and more.

The Bank-Client Link application and the Web Bank has been developed in accordance with up-to-date security requirements, preventing unauthorised access to accounts and keeping all transmitted information confidential. It is a proven solution, it is widely used in Russia and it has a partly bilingual Russian-English interface.

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The process of starting to use our electronic banking services is easy and the only connection type that is necessary is the access to Internet. The bank’s specialists install the software and provide the client with the necessary tools for digital signature and cryptographic protection. As a part of the training, the configuration and the connection to the bank will be tested before being handed over to the client. The fee for installation includes up to two hours of training and on-line support is provided by telephone during the working hours of the Bank.

For more information, please contact our Corporate Banking department.

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For further information, please contact our Corporate Banking department.

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