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By choosing Danske Bank's cash management programme, your company will get the best solutions for managing payments and liquidity simply, effectively and profitably.

We aim to be one of the leading cash management banks in the northern Europe and intend to achieve this by emphasising continual product development and by adapting to the constantly changing environment.

Our solutions will:
  • improve the management of both domestic and cross-border payments in Russian roubles and other currencies
  • improve the liquidity management of your company or group of companies
  • provide you with the best tools for viewing account balances and executing payments
  • help you to reduce the costs of your company
  • help you to ease the administrative tasks

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Electronic Banking
The banking application (Bank-Client Link) that we offer to our clients inside of Russia is a modern and secure channel for remote banking.

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Foreign Exchange

Danske Bank ranks among the largest currency traders in the world.

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Liquidity & Interest
Danske Bank offers a comprehensive and competitive cash pooling solution for client groups, providing the possibility for sophisticated liquidity and interest management.

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Providing an IBAN number and a BIC on payment orders ensures that a payment is transferred directly into the beneficiary's account without unnecessary delays and costs.

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For further information, please contact our Corporate Banking department.

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Why choose us?
Why should your company choose ZAO Danske Bank?

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