International Corporate BankingInternational Corporate Banking

    Subsidiaries located in any of the Northern European countries in which the Danske Bank Group offers corporate banking activities will have access to the Group's International Corporate Banking (ICB) units. The ICB units have been established exclusively to provide cross-border services to subsidiaries of international corporate customers.

    ICB units in 12 countries
    There is a growing demand for complex financial solutions among international companies with subsidiaries in various countries. The solutions provide the general overview parent companies require for their day-to-day management and meet subsidiaries' demand for a wide range of local banking services and products.

    With the ICB concept, the Danske Bank Group offers its international corporate customers and their subsidiaries one point of entry in the following 12 countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The new ICB units will draw on the expertise of all the Group’s specialists, for instance within local and international cash management.

    The companies will benefit from the services of the ICB units, not only because the units are local representatives of the Danske Bank Group specialised in assisting subsidiaries of international companies, but also because they form part of a financial group that conducts banking business in several countries.

    Simple and efficient banking setup
    Local ICB staff with extensive knowledge of local financial infrastructures can help companies make their banking setup as simple and efficient as possible. They will do so in close cooperation with the parent company, thus ensuring coherent solutions for all of the company’s individual subsidiaries.

    The ICB units customise their services to meet the individual company’s requirements, locally as well as internationally. And if a company has subsidiaries in a country in which the Danske Bank Group does not operate, the Group's extensive network of banking partners in the rest of Europe and in the most important markets around the world will help the ICB units create a package solution for the company anyway.

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