Business Guide RussiaBusiness Guide Russia

    "Business Guide Russia" is intended as a preliminary exploration of the questions that typically arise when a company wishes to enter the Russian market.
    These are the main topics covered in the guide:

    • Facts about Russia
    • Juridical system in Russia
    • Setting up business in Russia
    • Taxation in Russia
    • Banking Environment

    This guide has been edited in cooperation between Mannheimer Swartling Ryssland Advokataktiebolag and Danske Bank Russia.
    The guide is not intended to cover all issues arising in relation to activities in Russia. However, we hope that it will provide an overview of typical issues.
    Independent professional advisory services of a legal, fiscal, financial or marketing nature are indispensable and usually a good investment.
    Mannheimer Swartling Ryssland Advokataktiebolag and Danske Bank Russia cannot be held liable for any misinterpretation of the information presented in this guide.

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